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Top 5 Tips for Planning the Office Party

As the printer mirrors the office mood by giving up on itself for the eighth time this week, the underlying disappointment of knowing you’re out of holiday days dims the light at the end of the tunnel and you’re struggling to keep up the ‘ray of sunshine’ façade. Moods are empty and so are bank accounts. Apparently this Summer was a scorcher, but you wouldn’t know. You were working.

There’s only one remedy for a severe case of widespread office blues and that is an office party. Is good old Jeff retiring? Party. Susan turning 40 (again)? Party. Friday night? Party.

Whatever you’re celebrating, follow these simple steps to make sure every one’s happy, from your colleagues to the powers that be who will be dishing in the money to pay for it (thanks, guys!).

1. Crank up the Numbers

It may not be easy, but getting a rough idea of numbers before you’ve booked something is going to open up a lot of doors and make the process seamless – It’ll also make sure your party is the best it can possibly be. A lot of venues will charge less for room hire if there’s more people attending (popularity favouritism, we know – but that’s the way it is). So whip up a quick form and get as many employees as possible to sign their life away to your super work night out!

Top tip: Need to rack up the numbers but sensing a lack of enthusiasm? Entice your colleagues with free drinks vouchers to use at the event. This will also make you very, very popular.

2. A Free Gift Goes a Long Way

As well as free drinks, there’s one thing every hard working, self-sufficient, run-of-the-mill breadwinner craves and that’s recognition from their superiors (don’t deny it.) Use this to encourage healthy competition and ensure they attend your mega work-do by looking out for a venue which will provide you with a free spot prize on the night. Tick all the boxes by presenting an ‘Employee of the Year/Month/Decade’ award with the prize. This tactic is guaranteed to to really crank up staff motivation in the build up to the party, putting you right at the top of the big boss’ good books (see, feels good doesn’t it?)

3. Quirk up the Theme

Forget Hawaiian shirts, and draw a wedge between you and the idea that this is a golf themed situation. There’s a time and a place for going full reveller and, contrary to some people’s actions at the last work night out, a staff party truly isn’t the place. You don’t want to learn this the hard way.

When deciding on your theme, keep your venue in mind. Find a location that’s already adorned with a quirky theme like a Moroccan setting, something classy or totally out of the ordinary. This clever intertwining of priorities not only keep decoration costs down (So your place as the boss’ favourite isn’t hindered) but will also form a stirdy foundation on which you can build a fun-themed shindig.


4. The Price Needs to be Right

For your professional counterparts, the celebrations end when the final song has been played and the taxis are being hailed. But not for you. Your work continues well into Monday morning when you’ll be submerged with distorted recolections and opinions on the whole shabang; From location to theme, all the way down to the Wi-Fi speed and toilet facilities.

One thing that’s tough to get right is the drinks prices. But, that’s out of your hands right? Wrong. Find a venue which offers something extra for your guests. Some places will have packages which include an exclusive drinks offer - like a Happy Hour. This is vital, as running the risk of drinks being too pricey can lead to a mass walk-out once the free drinks vouchers have run dry (yikes).

5. Location, Location, Location

Think wisely about the actual location of the venue you pick. Seriously avoid trying to be a clever party-planning guru and choosing a renovated barn all the way up towards the Brecon Beacons. The combination of PoundLand fairy lights, decorative hay and an eerie resemblance to a spin-off from Cabin in the Woods may seem like a cracking idea, but not if no one can get there or back.

Stick to a city centre venue which is walking distance from bus stops and train stations. To cover all grounds, it would be an idea to make sure the venue has the capability to order taxis for you – this makes you and your guests a priority for cab drivers so even right until the very end of the celebrations, your guests are having a corker of a time.

Check out Kuku Cardiff’s Work Night Out Package, our Moroccan themed private hire's package is inclusive of a Happy Hour, savoury snacks on arrival, big screen, spot prize and loads more. Plus, see if you qualify for free room hire

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